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St.Joseph College of Nursing is run by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Eluru under V.D.M Charitable Trust at Bishop’s House, Xavier Nagar, Eluru – 534003, A.P, India.

Academic Regulations:

Leave :

Vacation: Students have their vacation according to the regulations of the university and of the INC.
Special leave: such leave will be granted in the case of serious illness or death of father or mother, brother or sister. The genuineness of the ground for leave must be certified to the satisfaction of management. The period of the leave will be deducted from the annual leave normally due. Leave for brothers,sisters and ordination of own brothers. According to INC only 30days leave and not more is allowed for one year.
Other Leave: as provided in the regulations of the Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences for the B.Sc (N) students and according to the norms laid down by the INC for the Diploma Nursing Students.


Successful candidates will have to buy their own uniforms for duty in the hospital and for community Health Posting. Candidates are advised not to make their uniforms before coming to the hospital nor before the successful completion of the preliminary examination.

Membership N.A. and C.N.G.L:

All students are required to become active members of the Students Nurses’ Association (S.N.A) Catholic students are expected additionally to become active members of the Catholic Nurses Guilde of India (C.N.G.I) The membership fee payable is nominal.

St. Joseph College Of Nursing

St. Joseph College of Nursing is model, highly rated educational institution in the eyes of the public of Eluru and its surroundings.


M.Sc Nursing 2years

B.Sc Nursing 4years


St. Joseph College Of Nursing

Duggirala, Eluru, West Godavari - 534003
Andhra Pradesh