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St.Joseph College of Nursing is run by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Eluru under V.D.M Charitable Trust at Bishop’s House, Xavier Nagar, Eluru – 534003, A.P, India.

Others :

Student Health Programme :

A comprehensive health programme is available to all students. The preventive health programme includes physical examination. Routine laboratory tests and immunization, the students must undergo a complete health checkup on admission and , thereafter, every year.

The institution will maintain a health service under the supervision of a staff Nurse. All sick students are either cared for in the Nurse’s infirmary or admitted to the hospital. A team of doctors is assigned by the hospital management to attend to the health care of the student nurses.

List of Articles to be brought along :

Wrist Watch with second needle hand – 1
2) Pillow – 3
3) Pillow cases – 1
4) Bed sheets – 3
5) Blanket – 1
6) Mosquito net – 1
7) Handkerchief – 6
8) Umbrella – 1
9) Suit Case with Lock & Key – 1
10) Sweater or Cardigan (Black or navy blue) – 1
11) Bath towels – 2
12) Plastic Bucket – 1
13) Plastic Mug – 1
14) Dictionary (English to English) – 1
15) Torch light (Small) – 1
16) The Bible – 1
17) Eating Utensils – 1
18) Sufficient personal dress (mufti) for use when off duty

Spiritual Life :

As this institution is a Catholic one, Catholic students have the privilege of deepening human and Christian values through daily mass and annual retreats with a special retreat master. Such students are encouraged to be active members of the Catholic nurses’ guild. A chaplain cares for the spiritual needs of the students.

Withdrawal and Dismissal :

1) If any student decides to withdraw voluntarily from the college any time before completing the course, she should pay to the college the tuition fee of the entire course (four years) and fee once paid will not be refunded under any circumstance.
2) The institution reserves the right to dismiss any student whose work or conduct is not found satisfactory during the period of training, paying the entire tuition fee of the current year.

Student Sisters :

All the general rules concerning selection, courses of training and leaving will apply also to Religious Sisters, In addition, the following are also applicable:

1. The Religious habit of the Sisters should be adapted to meet the demands of the nursing work. An noon which completely covers the habit should be worn while on duty.
2. Permission to visit relatives and friends, to attend parties, weddings, cinemas etc., should be obtained from the Sisters’ own superiors.


All the students are to given an undertaking to the management that they would abide by the regulations and rules of the institution and that in the event of violation of any rule, the judgement of the management shall be final. This undertaking shall be signed both by the student and by the parent of the guardian.

I, miss …………………………………………… promise to abide by the rules and regulations of St.Joseph College of Nursing. In the event of the violation of any rule, I accept that the judgement of the management would be final.

Signature of the Guardian
Signature of the Candidate

St. Joseph College Of Nursing

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M.Sc Nursing 2years

B.Sc Nursing 4years


St. Joseph College Of Nursing

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